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About Us

Sarasota’s premier custom cake bakery since 1997! We are passionate and proud to offer some of the best tasting and innovative cake designs in the area. Privately operated with focus of one cake at a time, earning your business from the first cake through years of life's celebrations.

A Slice of Heaven can embrace your inspirations, theme, motif, and colors to create the unique showpiece. We offer custom inspired cakes with smooth buttercream, that's right, not one cake has ever been covered in fondant. Super moist cake, awesome fillings, clean designs and professional quality finish.

Our custom cakes can be made in every theme imaginable. From the simplest dinner cake, baby shower, children birthday, to a wedding or huge corporate event for 500.   Dedicated to making an awesome product with your inspirations is what we do.  Call the pros! We will do whatever it takes to make you a client for life!

How to Begin

Picture Galleries

Order by Phone?   941-341-0038 / Email Quote

Select a picture from our galleries or something found elsewhere.  Or not!

Select a theme, motif, and color palette.

Identify a budget range.  (very important)  We will quickly make design suggestions that are relative the cost and offer alternative ways to embrace the same theme at your price point.

Select a cake flavor and filling from the "Flavors and Fillings Tab"

Choose a cake size and dimension. Cake Pricing Tab"

Email us a picture of the design and information before calling.  (

Call to speak with a cake professional to book your order. (min 3-7 day for custom work)  Min 24 hour for very simple designs.

DECORATORS CHOICE? Tell us the theme and budget and we will take all the work out of designing a great cake. Let the Pros run with it!  (Most cost effective and impressive)

Thoughts to consider when selecting a cake style!

Artwork is additional and can substantially add to the base cost of a cake.

Multi tier stacked cakes are substantially more expensive than single tier cakes.  $175+

3D items are very time consuming and add considerable cost  (consider figurines or toys).  

Sculpted bottles, purses, and just about any items that can be represented with a carved style cake begin at $140+ but typically are $250-600 range. 

Tilted or mad hatter style cakes begin at $6.00 per serving or at $145+ 

Multi tier wedding cake full custom designs begin at $4.75 per portion.

Identifying a budget for the event is important and allows us to immediately make design recommendations based on your price point.