Cancellation Policy - A Slice of Heaven

Event Cake Cancellation / Refund Policy

Be VERY CLEAR that all deposited cake orders are subject to the loss of 25% of total amount in the event of cancellation for ANY reason.50% deposit required for cakes $75 and over

Cancellation 72 hours or more: 25% of total invoice is retained.

Cancellation 71 to 49 hours: 50% of total invoice is retained.

Cancellation 48-25 hours: 75% of total invoice retained.

Cancellation 24 hours or less: 100% of total invoice retained.

In the event the cake date, design, or size changes once deposit or payment is made, we reserve the right to assess fees as necessary.  Costs include time incurred in artwork, ordering, consultation, and planning @ rate of $60 per hour.  At our discretion, we reserve the right to provide refund in form of "store credit" only and not provide a cash refund.

Full payment required for any delivered cakes. Email if the best way to cancel an order. (

This policy does not apply to wedding cake contracts, see "wedding info" page in website.