Quick - Ready Cupcakes - A Slice of Heaven

Quick - Ready Cupcakes

Cupcakes filled and iced to order.  Always vanilla  or chocolate cakes. That's FRESH TO ORDER filled and iced for you. Ready in hours with a quick call or email. That's FRESH TO ORDER made.  Not something at other places sitting around. Our cupcakes are in 12 packs only with our signature filling. Email, call or stop in for quick ready filled cupcakes for that last minute party, event, or meeting.  Best in Sarasota. Must refrigerate.

Filled Cupcakes $22 dozen

Sarasota's best.  A balance of moist Slice of Heaven cake with our signature fillings and just the right amount of icing.  Always vanilla and sometimes chocolate cupcakes with our signature fillings, icings and toppings available.  Sold 12 packs only. Vanilla or Chocolate cupcakes with any one filling and icing throughout the entire dozen. Email or call ahead or email for quick ready cupcakes.  

Unfilled Cupcake $16 dozen

Gourmet moist vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with white buttercream or fudge icing. Simple sprinkles, edible glitter, non pareils included.

All one flavor and sold only in 12 pack units

Cake Push Pops $27 dozen

Clear push pops individual serving of our cake layered with signature fillings.  In a clear push up container plastic disposable sealed container.  You can add custom labels on the side or lid to personalize.  Must refrigerate.

Push Pops

Filled Cupcakes