FAQ's - A Slice of Heaven

How long have you been in business?

Sarasota’s premier custom cake bakery since 1997! (We have been handcrafting thousands of custom cake designs for over 20 years.) We are passionate and proud to offer some of the best tasting, handcrafted, and innovative cake designs in the area.

Is this Franchise?

We are not a Franchise but a single unit. A Slice of Heaven has been operating on the web as sarasotacakes.com since 1997.  Privately operated with focus of one cake at a time, earning your business from the first cake through years of life's celebrations. 

Do You Ship Cakes?

No and Never.  Our cake could never be handled with the care and passion needed to ensure nothing but a great product.  Yes they can be transported hundreds of miles if boxed, chilled, and proper refrigeration is onsite when arriving.  We have had a client go from the bakery straight to the private jetport and flew to Colorado for a evening party without fail with A Slice of Heaven cake..

What is our cake style?

A Slice of Heaven can embrace your inspirations, theme, motif, and colors to create the unique showpiece. We offer pro quality custom inspired cakes with smooth buttercream, that's right, not one cake has ever been covered in fondant. Super moist cake, awesome fillings, clean designs and professional quality finish.Our custom cakes can be made in every theme imaginable.

Cakes are Not Fondant then what are they covered with?

Our cakes are not fondant but smooth butter cream with taste, flavor, and moistness that is unmatched on West Coast Florida. 20 years and thousands of wedding cakes we are masters of butter cream.

Who Owns a Slice of Heaven?

Local owner / operators that have been Sarasota residents of 30+ years.  Professionally trained Culinary graduates. Chefs that live, work, and support Sarasota. 

Where was the original location?

Yes the original bakery was at 4944 Fruitville road in Sarasota from 1997 thru 2010.  We moved to 5632 Palmer Blvd Sarasota in 10/2010 and now (10/2017) own our location in Lakewood Ranch at 7357 International Place Suite 106.  

Is the Bakery Licensed?

Yes we have been and always operated a fully insured, licensed, and inspected commercial baking facility.  Never from home or operated under the questionable "Florida cottage law"

Did you produce all the cakes on your website?

Yes every cake picture on our website has been produced by us.   Every cake is smooth buttercream NO FONDANT.

Why don't we offer (same day) cakes with less than 24 hours?

Most of the time we sell out dates 4/5 days in advance. With the word custom, we refuse to distract attention given to the current event cakes in order to create more sales.  

Why are we sometimes hard to reach?

With only two of us and no desire to get larger, we return calls and emails based upon the date of the event and as quickly as possible. We will not disappoint a booked client to discuss last minute cakes. Our reputation is super important to us so the focus is on our current booked orders as a priority.

Safe Food Handling Practices?

We pride ourselves on a super clean work environment and safe handling of food.  Both certified food managers and University of Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts graduates.   

Why do offer catering?

Because we have 50 years combined professional kitchen experience with formal culinary degrees coupled with the newer facility that has tons of space.  Like our cakes, we only produce the best quality that we can be proud to offer.  We offer these services based upon time availability placing the cake production number one. $500 min on most orders.

How many custom cakes have we made?

Our experience is in excess of 35 thousand cakes produced.  Each one is custom one of a kind. Wedding cakes alone are over 2 thousand.  

Why we consider ourselves Sarasota's Premier Source for the Best Custom Cakes?

Because we strive to offer the highest level of cake and filling quality, artistry, and customer service setting us apart as local industry leaders.  We do not try to be Luxury cake makers, but just great cake makers!