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(very important) We will quickly make design suggestions that are relative the cost and offer alternative ways to embrace the same theme at your price point.

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Not sure? Go freestyle with DECORATORS CHOICE? Tell us the theme and budget and we will take all the work out of designing a great cake. Let the Pros run with it! (Most cost effective and impressive)

When to Order?

(Minimum 7-14 business days or more for custom work, large events several weeks to months. Tuesday  12;00 pm is the cut off for custom cake orders for that weekend. Occasionally we can do simple cakes in a day or two notice depending on work load.

Absolute minimum 24 hour advance for very simple designs (NO SAME DAY CAKES HERE) If you are ready to make deposit then we urge you to book asap. Tuesday at 5:00 pm is the cut-off for custom work that weekend proceeding weekend.

Thoughts to consider when selecting a cake style! Artwork is additional and can substantially increase the cost of a cake.

Multi tier stacked cakes are substantially more expensive than single tier cakes. $253+ 3 Dimensional items are very time consuming and add considerable cost (consider supplying non edible figurines or toys).

Sculpted bottles, purses, and just about any items that can be represented with a carved style cake begin at $225+ but typically are $300-600+ range.

Identifying a budget for the event is important and allows us to immediately make design recommendations based on your price point.

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