Cupcakes Fresh Baked

Full size cupcakes filled and iced to order.  Always vanilla or chocolate cakes. That's FRESH TO ORDER filled and iced for you. Ready in hours with a quick call or email. That's FRESH TO ORDER made.  Not something at other places sitting around. Our cupcakes are sold with a min of 12 and multiples of 6.  Mini cupcakes minuimun of 24.

Best in Sarasota. Must refrigerate.

Standard Filled Cupcakes $2.75 Each Min 12

Specialty Filled Cupcakes $3.00 Each Min 12

Standard Unfilled Cupcakes $2.25 each Min 12

Specialty Unfilled Cupcakes $2.75 each Min 12

Mini Cupcakes  $1.50 each, Min 24

Cake Push Pops $33 dozen, Min 12

Clear push pops individual serving of our cake layered with signature fillings.  In a clear push up container plastic disposable sealed container.  You can add custom labels on the side or lid to personalize.  Must refrigerate.