Cake Flavors and Fillings - A Slice of Heaven Custom Cakes Sarasota

Select a CAKE FLAVOR, FILLING, and ICING to complete your custom cake order.

Standard Cake Flavors:

French Vanilla (our flagship. Moist and rich full flavor)

Chocolate Fudge (moist rich deep color and chocolate flavor)

Tuxedo (vanilla and chocolate alternating) Marble Swirl (20% swirl of chocolate cake swirled into the French Vanilla)

Specialty Cake Flavors:

Key West Lime (light green in color, beachy with fresh lime scent)

Italian Cream Cake (vanilla bean, coconut, and ground walnuts)

Coconut (infused with shredded coconut and flavor)

Banana (natural flavor and crushed fresh bananas, very moist)

Vanilla Amaretto (great option to alternate with strawberry or raspberry)

Almond Cake (vanilla bean, ground almonds baked in. Old Italian style cake)

Vanilla Chocolate Chip (infused with tiny bursts of chocolate chips)

Strawberry Swirl (swirl of filling baked in)

Raspberry Swirl (swirl of filling baked in)

Luscious Lemon (yellow in color bursting with fresh lemon scent)

Classic Carrot Cake (loaded with fresh carrots, crushed pineapple, raisins. NO Nuts)

White Wedding (our white in color alternative to the classic vanilla slightly less moist)

Confetti (AKA funfetti. Infused with rainbow sprinkles)

Chocolate Coconut (coconut infused in our deep rich chocolate cake)

Pineapple Island (infused with crushed pineapple and natural flavor)

Southern Red Velvet (moist and bright red with a buttermilk taste)

Old Fashion Spice Cake (ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon infused)

Pumpkin Spice (fall seasonal, pumpkin spiced cake)

Eggnog (fall seasonal, rum and fresh eggnog)

Vegan Cake and Cupcake Flavors: (no eggs, dairy, or animal

Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Chocolate, and Banana Cake Styles: Smooth Soy Buttercream Vegan filled or Semi Naked with Chocolate Drip. Mousse Fillings: Nondairy soy milk based mousse fillings.  Fruit Fillings: Strawberry, Raspberry or Vanilla mousse studded with fresh berries.  Our Vegan cakes contains soy and are not certified organic.  Icing and mousse fillings are also Vegan soy plant milk based.

Gluten Free Cake Flavors:

Vanilla: Gluten free with Madagascar vanilla bean

Chocolate: Gluten free infused with dark cocoa

Our Gluten free products are also not certified being produced in a wheat using bakery.

Standard Fillings:

European Raspberry         Oreo Cookies and Cream   

Chocolate Oreo                  Strawberry 

Nutella Mousse                  Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse    White Chocolate Mousse

Dolce De Leche Mousse    Vanilla Amaretto Mousse

Coconut Cream                    Banana Cream

Pina Colada Mousse           Strawberry Mousse

Raspberry Mousse               Raspberry Oreo Mousse

Passion Fruit Mousse          Mango Mousse

Samoa’s Cookie Mousse     Reese’s Cup Mousse

Mint Chocolate Chip             Salted Caramel Mousse 

Vanilla Bean Mousse            Cappuccino Cream

Lemon Cream                        Key Lime Mousse

Pastry Cream                         Honey Vanilla Spice

Orange Creamsicle               Butter Pecan

Premium Fillings: 

Cannoli Cream


Kahlua Fudge Mousse

Baileys Cream Mousse

Tres Leche Mousse

Peach Cîroc Vodka Mousse

Raspberry Vodka Mousse

Jack Daniels Reese’s Cup


Smooth Buttercream (House recipe used on 90% of the cakes we make. Looks like fondant)

Chocolate Fudge (Cannot be totally smooth, Superior Chocolate deep fudge flavor)

Semi Naked (Touch of icing, cake layers can be seen thru icing, white smear finish)

Drip Cake (semi naked then topped with chocolate pour)

Whipped Topping (Non Dairy. No Artwork able to be done)

Sweetened Cream Cheese (No sugar work whatsoever, extremely heat sensitive)