Wedding Cakes Brides on a Budget - A Slice of Heaven Custom Cakes Sarasota
  • BOB 1

    Simple plain white with icing dots and bride's fresh flowers.

  • BOB 6

    Bride's fabric ribbon, icing dots. Very clean. Topper and fabric ribbon supplied by Bride to us.

  • Bob 11

    Stunning, simple, and pro quality

  • BOB 16

    Simple and clean with dots and Bride's Fresh flowers

  • BOB 2

    Clean and classic beach themed design.

  • BOB 7

    Single tier simple and elengant with Bride's flowers supplied to us.

  • BOB 12

    Timeless vintage banded design with Bride's flowers and topper.

  • BOB 17

    vintage banded

  • BOB 3

    Bride's fresh flowers and ribbon, icing dots.

  • BOB 8

    Another example of a cost effective pro quality cake. Bride to supply fresh flowers and fabric ribbon to. This one is a two tier 9/6" serving 44

  • BOB 13

    vintage banded

  • BOB 18

    Semi naked with Bride's succulents, greens, and fresh flowers

  • BOB 5

    Timeless vintage banded design with Bride's flowers and topper.

  • BOB 10

    Simple banded single tier with fresh flowers supplied to us Bride.

  • BOB 15

    Beachy with Brides silk flowers

  • BOB 20

    Smaller single tier full naked design with Bride's flowers and topper

BOB cakes or "Brides on a Budget" is not only economical, but PRO quality.  The BOB line has been designed for those brides that want a professional quality cake without the hassle of the endless selections and planning process of a custom wedding cake. A Slice of Heaven has produced 1000's of wedding cakes since 1997.  Why use anyone else?   

These PREFIXED themed designs with a simple cost $5.00 per serving for stacked multi tier cakes.

Sizing available to accommodate any number of guests in your event. Below are some of the common sizes offered as well as the LIMITED flavor and filling combinations.   The entire cake is the same flavor throughout.  No changes in design can be made to these cakes except for highlight colors, flower colors and ribbon colors.  Fresh flowers, cake toppers, fabric ribbon is provided by the bride to us for application.

SUPERMARKETS and full service CATERERS with IN HOUSE WEDDING CAKE PACKAGES pale in comparison to the quality and finish of these BOB offerings with costs that are less expensive, pro quality, all buttercream, and better value. These cakes are awesome professional quality that won't disappoint.  These are the least expensive professional quality wedding cakes in the Sarasota area and Slice of Heaven pioneered this concept in Sarasota offering these BOB cakes since 2006. Each cake tier is four layers of cake and three layers of filling.  (like no other standing 5.75" per tier)  All smooth buttercream (no fondant).

Instructions to Order:

1.) Select a size.

2.) Select a flavor profile combination

3.) Select any highlight color

4.) Call the bakery to order

We need your name, phone, email, event day and date, cake number selection, flavor and filling, venue, reception time, and any highlight color you may want to incorporate.

Delivery is additional, begins at $45 and is based on venue location.  

Choose from these selected cake flavor and filling combinations:

French vanilla cake layered with European raspberry

French vanilla cake layered with Strawberry

French vanilla cake layered with Vanilla bean mousse

Chocolate fudge cake layered with Chocolate mousse

Marble cake with Oreo mousse

Choose the size that best fits your event:

Single tier cakes from 16 servings priced per quote.

Multi Tier Cakes

9"/6" two tier round serving 44 $220

10"/6" two tier round serving 50 $250

10/7 two tier round serving 56 $280

11"/7" two tier round serving 69 $345

12"/7" two tier round serving 78 $390

11"/8"/6" three tier round serving 85 $425

12"/8"/6" three tier round serving 96 $480

13"/9"/6" three tier round serving 113 $565

14"/10"/7" three tier round serving 138 $690

Deposit of 25% of the total required at time of contracting.  Remaining payment is due 4 weeks prior to the event. No substitutions can be made to these cakes other than options offered above.